Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free Coke Zero from Vocalpoint?

If you are a Vocalpoint member, text "WOW" to 59925. They will send you a code back. Enter that code at Vocalpoint and hopefully they will send you a coupon. I'm not really sure because the box that popped up after I entered my code was blank. Maybe I'll get a surprise in my mailbox! It's worth a shot!

Update: OK, according to Deal Seeking Mom, this is actually a printable coupon for $1 off of a 12 pack. I'm going to try it again in IE to see if it works for me.

Update: Nope, still didn't work. Hope you have better luck.


My Good Cents said...

There is a link that says "I don't have a code" or something like that.. click it, a box will pop up and you can get your code via email... :)

My Good Cents said...

Oh.. never mind.. I guess if the box isn't popping up, it's not going to pop up with an email code either... ignore me, I'm a dork .. :)