Saturday, July 12, 2008

Radio Station Loyal Listener Clubs

Does your radio station have a "loyal listener club"? If so I urge you to join and start racking up points! I've been earning points on my local country station's website for a month or so now by entering keywords and clicking on links. It takes about 5 minutes a day. I hadn't redeemed my points for anything yet. Well, Thursday afternoon the DJ announced that they had just added some Toby Keith tickets to the list of prizes that the points can be redeemed for. I thought for sure that I wouldn't have enough points but when I got home I checked and I did! So I redeemed my points for 2 tickets to last night's Toby Keith concert and my husband and I had a date night! The seats weren't the greatest, buy hey, they were free!!

If you are in the San Diego area here are some radio stations that have similar clubs:

New Country 95.7 Feel Good Freebies
Channel 933 VIP Rewards
Star 94.1 Freeloaders
KyXy Loyal Listeners
Rock 105.3 Bonus Club
Jack FM Jack's Club

If you aren't in the San Diego area, check out your local radio station's websites and see if they offer anything similar!

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