Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mail Call Saturday July 5

*6 x .50 coupons from AC Larocco Pizzas
*$10 in coupons from Gerber Graduates
*.55 coupon from Horizon Organic
*.25 coupon from Swanson Classics
*.35 coupon from Duncan Hines
*FREE coupon from Lender's Bagels
*2 x .40 coupons from Hot Pockets
*2 x .40 coupons from International Delight
*4 x .35 coupons from Florida's Natural
*$5 coupon from Johnson & Johnson
*FREE coupon from Eggland's Best
10% coupon from Home Depot
$1 coupon from Welch's Naturals
$1 coupon from Chinet Casuals
$1 coupon from Aleve
$1 coupon from Johnson's Baby
$10 Bucks Back from Old Navy

*resulted from Campaign For Coupons

1 comment:

My Good Cents said...

That's pretty impressive how many coupons you are getting from writing.. I've done it a few times.. I know I got some from Kashi but can't think of anyone else that have sent me anything..